Collection: Unicorn Party Favors

Step into the world of Unicorn Party Favors ideas with our special Bundle Maker – where the fun of creating awesome party treats starts! At Easy Favors, we're super excited to give you a chance to make magical bundles that match your celebration's charm.

Step 1: Choose a Unicorn-Themed Bag

Get ready for a magical adventure with Unicorn Party Favors ideas! Choose the best unicorn-themed paper bags to add party goodies. We offer drawstring backpacks and paper bags with handles to add cute & shiny unicorn toys and colorful rainbow treats. Each bag is a ticket to a land of pure magic and imagination that your guests will love.

Step 2: Choose 4 Unicorn Delights

Add even more magic by making your bundles special with our handpicked unicorn goodies. You can choose from cute unicorn squishy toys, shiny bracelets, and magic slime. Our collection brings together charm and imagination. These goodies will be like special keepsakes that remind guests of their wonderful time at your event.

Step 3: Choose Whimsical Additions (Optional)

Let's make the magic even bigger! Check out our extra fun stuff you can add – they're like whimsical bonuses. These cool things let you add your special touch to the unicorn party favors. You could choose crystal slippers, stickers, or even super cute plushy toys. These extras make your bundles even more fun and exciting for everyone!

At Easy Favors, we want to make creating your bundles easy and fun. You can create awesome goodies for your party with the Unicorn Party Favors ideas. Make party favors that are all about the magic of your event and how much you want everyone to be happy. Your guests will remember the fun and excitement of your party, just like they're in a magical story!